Time Transfixed (La Duree Poignardee), Offset Lithograph, Rene Magritt – Art Commerce

Time Transfixed (La Duree Poignardee), Offset Lithograph, Rene Magritte

$ 129.00 (was $ 150.00)

Offset Lithograph on premium paper, 2015.  Paper Size: 27.5" x 19.5."  Unsigned & unnumbered.  Excellent Condition; never framed or matted.

RENÉ MAGRITTE (1898-1967) Belgian surrealist artist who is well known for his thought-provoking images that take the perceptions of painting into another realm of reality.  His work frequently displays a collection of ordinary objects in unusual contexts, henceforth, creating an illusion of new meanings for familiar objects. As stated by Magritte [in regards to his paintings]: “visible images which conceal nothing; they evoke mystery and, indeed, when one sees one of my pictures, one asks oneself this simple question, what does that mean?” Because of his unparalleled talent, Magritte’s work has been exhibited throughout the world and today, remains of the most widely collected surrealist artist of his time.