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Lenk Series C, Silk-screen, Thomas (Kaspar) Lenk

$ 795.00 (was $ 1,000.00)

- Original Limited Edition Silk-screen on Heavy paper, 1971

- Paper Size: 26.5 x 26.5 in.

- Edition Size: 100

- Signed & numbered in pencil

- Excellent Condition; unframed

KASPAR-THOMAS LENK (1933- ) was a German sculptor and painter. He is world renowned for his stylized figurative works that resemble ruined, burnt-out buildings or landscape forms. Early on his career, Lenk became famous for combining different materials into one work (glass, metal, concrete, ceramics, and wood). And then later on, graduating to creating his sculptures out of layers of flat metal or wooden plates. Lenk’s work is highly valued by collectors and exhibited throughout the world.